Cruise routes


Duration: 7 days
Town of departure: Vodice

Vodice, Kaprije, Kakan, Zakan, Kornati, Zut, Naturpark Telascica, Jezera, Tribunj, Vodice

Points of interest:
is the point of departure and one of the prominent tourist centers into the Riviera of Sibenik. Vodice offers clean bath beaches, numerous sporty possibilities, accommodating restaurants, catering trade and shopping centres to you like also good places for maintenance. Small and beautiful islands such as Kaprije, Kakan and Zakan belong to the island groups of the Kornati. A large part of the islands was appointed the National park Kornati, which is unique part for itself with its multiplicity of 150 islands. This blue corner of the Adriatic is the right selection for modern adventurers.


From the summit of the island Zut is offered to you a beautiful view on the Kornati islands. The nature park Telascica is the continuation of the Kornati islands, it is one of the most beautiful ports surrounded by green forests. In it is phenomenon of nature - seawater lake Mir, which is warmer than the sea water. Here are also the highest cliffs of the Adriatic. That away continues to lead us to nautic and fischer place Jezera, located on the island Murter and over there is fischer place Tribunj, which admits with his old beauty and it is important for the preservation of the donkey animals that played great rolls in humanís history.


Duration: 7 days
Town of departure: Vodice


Vodice, Kaprije, Kakan, Zakan, Kornati, Zut, Naturpark Telascica, Jezera, Tribunj, Vodice

Points of interest:

From Vodice the way leads us toward Sibenik, to the fortress of St. Nikola at the entrance of the city where still 3 fortresses rises up itself: St. Mihovil (St. Ana), St. Ivan and the fortress Subicevac, rich at culture and objects of interest, churches and galleries. The most well-known and most important building is the cathedral of St. Jakov, that stands under protection of the UNESCO.


Primosten with its small close lanes in the old part of town and beautiful beaches is also admited for its vineyards in stone. They achieved an official status like a world monument of human labour. Trogir is museum city for itself with many cultural inheritances, from the cathedral to over the yard in old Roman style and the interior arrangement up-to-date. Split is a unique city with its old part of town stands under protection of the UNESCO. A city with Mediterannean temperament, in the middle of its heart is Diocletianís palace, one ot the famous monuments of Roman architecture on the eastern Adriatic.


As well as Brac is the largest island in Dalmatia with its famous protected kind of white stone. With that kind of white stone the White house was built and numerous other buildings in the world. The island offers a rich touristic and gastro offer with beautiful forests, bays and beaches. The summit is also equal the highest point of the Adriatic, where on Vidova gora the airport is at the same time. Milna is a tourist place in the typical Mediterannean style with a beautiful bay. The city Hvar contains unusual culture history and inheritances with century long tradition in the tourism and night life. Particularly to mention that here is oldest communal theatre in Europe, as well as the unique cathedral and Franciscan monastery and the fortress with its beautiful view on the Hellish Islands (Pakleni otoci).


Solta is an island with unaffected nature covered with flowers, Mediterannean vegetation and numerous calm bays, just created for recovery. Rogoznica is a tourist like fischer place, situated in the middle of Dalmatia. In the past this place was well-known in completely Europe. After the legend Agronauts were in this part the Mediterranean search on gold whereby the largest heroes from the Greek mythology came here.



Duration: 7 days
Town of departure: Vodice


Vodice, Vis (Komi¬ěa), Bisevo, Hvar (Milna), Trogir, Drvenik, Primosten, Vodice

Points of interest:

The island Vis and the place Komiza with its numerous vineyards, palms and plants belongs to the ten best retained Mediterranean islands. In stone roads and houses they retain the breath of history and the amusement of the touristic present. Island Bisevo, an area of unaffected nature with the retained Karst phenomenon of the Blue ones, the Bear and the Greens cave (Modra, Medvidina and Zelena spilja).


The island Hvar is one of the ten most beautiful island of the world with its historical beauty and one of the most beautiful sunsets and the excellent wine, in whose grapeís clusters the sun jets are caught. Trogir with city centre under the protection of UNESCO is also called museum city, because of its century long history. To everyone walked between the old houses from stone, houses, churches and palaces of Trogir it makes a special experience. The island Drvenik is opposite of Makarska where also the mountain Biokovo rises up into the sky. The flint beaches are towered above by the branches of the Pines. Primosten is one of the most pictorial places located on the Adriatic, the old part of town on the peninsula has many typical small roads and close lanes.


Duration: 14 days
Town of departure: Vodice


Vodice, Vis - Komiza, Korcula, Mljet - Pomena, Mljet-Polaca, Dubrovnik, Lopud-Sipan, Korcula (Vela luka), Hvar, Trogir, Rogoznica, Zlarin, Vodice

Points of interest:

The Croatian island Vis, one of the most remote in the blue of the Adriatic with the gentle hills of the island with its vineyards, Mediterannean vegetation and palms is place where thousands of world dream seekers can find their peace. Already in that Antique ones were settled their bays, from which under others Vis and Komiza developed the today' towns. The island Korcula is the place of birth of the famous sailor Marco Polo, which emphasizes itself by rich cultural monuments, traditional cultivation of wine, navigation and building of ships.


Mljet is again-reflected an island with special beauty and contrasts in that is a National park. It is emphasized by the rich cultural monuments and by an impressive building of the Benedikt of monastery from that 12. century on the island in the midst of the lake is. The settlements Pomena and Polaca between the lakes is by a footpath connected. A pleasant stay by swimming, suns and walks up to the summit of Montokuc is safe to you. Dubrovnik is one of the most attractive cities of the Mediterranean, unique political and cultural history, beautiful world acquaintance of monuments. The visitors are confronted when walking with the close roads, churches, monument walls of the fortress and with their century years of long beauty of the old part of town. On the island Korcula is the place Vela Luka with its beautiful bay. It is also important tourist center.The beauty of the environment small islands (Osjak) and bays (Triporti) are well-known the far over national borders.


Hvar is a city with unusual political and cultural one follows and a city with the oldest communal theatre in Europe. The unique souvenirs are lace made of agave plants and lavande form Hvar (flower or oil). Trogir is in the right sense museum city with many inheritances, from the chatedrale to over the yard of the Romans and the interior arrangement up-to-date. Rogoznica is a tourist like fischer place in the midst of Dalmatia. In the past the place was well-known in completely Europe and today comes visitors from all over world rests to find peace far from the large cities. Zlarin is the island of the corals and their treatment from century-long tradition. The sea is ideal and crystal clear for bathing. On the island there are no automobiles, but there are small roads for walking and cycling.